Registration for Travel Team Acceptance - Invitation Only

Congratulations on receiving an invitation for a roster spot on a 2018-2019 GFSC Travel Team.    Click the below Registration Link to accept your roster spot.

Enter Player and Parent Information

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Type Full Name for Deposit Policy

Select Age Appropriate GFSC Travel Soccer Package

Checkout and PAY

(** Payment Plan - Read Best Practices Below before Accepting)

Will You Be Choosing Payment Plan? Read Below Best Practices

Step 1 - Setting Up PayPal or Confirming PayPal Current

Already Have PayPal -- Please Ensure Credit Card on File or Bank Account is Current by Following Screenshots Below

Choose Login or Sign Up From PayPal Home Page

PayPal Best Practice to Ensure Smooth Process

Best Practice#1

  1. Log into PayPal
  2. Check Your Wallet to Make Sure Credit Card or Bank Account is Current

Best Practice#2

  1. Now Click Gear Box
  2. Now Click Payments
  3. Make sure Paying in Store has a Preferred Method Chosen with a Check Mark.