Travel to Exotic Locations. No Passports Needed!

(To the Soccer Fields of our Competitors, that is)

All-stars encouraged to apply! Exotic locations might be a bit of a stretch, but the trips will be both fun and educational from a sports standpoint, at least. Who knows, someday you might have the ability to travel the world playing the game you love. Teamwork, highly functional gameplay and professional training are part of the Travel Level package.

If you’re highly competitive and yearn for top-level travel team experiences, sign-ups and tryouts are here. Mind you, the competition is fierce, but if you have the talent, determination and are coachable, you just might have what it takes to make the grade. You’ll never know your full abilities unless you come to the tryouts to find out if you can be a competitor for the Travel Level teams.

As mentioned, this level of Travel Play is highly competitive, but talented players will be offered spots on Travel teams.

The investment can be paid in installments, with a deposit and up to 5 installment payments. The total investment is $1,500.

“Both our sons began playing in GFSC recreational and had a blast.  They eventually decided to play travel with a GFSC team and years later are in contact with the friends they made on the team”

Jill (Flemington, NJ)